Save Smarter With The
Wallace Emergency Fund

Guaranteed rates starting over 3%.
Penalty-free emergency access.

Better Protection, Better Returns

Everything an emergency fund should be, without any of the tradeoffs.

Higher Returns

We predict your personal risks and offer the best rates designed just for you.

Disciplined Access

Penalty-free withdrawals if there’s a crisis, and keep away from dipping in for non-emergencies.

Zero Fees

No maintenance fees, transfer fees or renewal fees.

How It Works

The Wallace annuity is a customized solution for your emergency fund. By analyzing your profile and giving you free emergency access, Wallace gives you the best possible rates for your emergency savings. It’s like a CD, but smarter.

Check Your Rate and Open An Account

Answer some questions to see your available rate. You’ll be able to open an account soon but first be sure to sign up for early access!

Penalty-Free Emergency WithDrawals

You can withdraw, penalty-free, for any defined emergency. Wallace is designed to be a smart emergency fund.

Withdraw Or Renew When Term Ends

When your term is done, lock in a new rate or withdraw your funds, penalty-free. Withdrawals prior to term for non-emergencies will be subject to a penalty.

Grow Your Emergency Fund With CD-like Rates

Lock in a rate for a set term and see how much more you can be earning.

Interest Income

$ 1,593
Wallace Emergency Fund
$ 773
High-yield Savings Accounts
$ 151
Traditional Saving Accounts
The calculations above assume a 3.00% interest rate, but yours may be higher. Check your rate.

Penalty-free Withdrawal for These Events

Job Loss

Losing your job as a W2 worker

Medical emergency

Incurring medical expenses while falling sick or getting hurt


Inability to work because of injuries or illnesses

Home Accident

Encountering a catastrophe involving your home

Car Accident

Encountering an accident or unexpected breakdown of your car

You’ll earn higher returns by locking your money away for emergencies. If you withdraw for a non-emergency during your term, you may lose accumulated interest. You’ll always have full access when your term expires. Learn More.

We’re a Different Kind of Finance Company

We started Wallace to give you a better alternative for your savings – where you don’t have to sacrifice growth for safety. We get you great rates without penalizing emergency withdrawals. Don’t just save more, save smarter.



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Government Regulated

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