We’re On A Mission To Help
You Save Smarter

Everyone talks about the major savings problem in America. People aren’t saving enough for emergencies, for their kids, for retirement. Instead of debating the problem, we went out and found a solution.

There are three components to having more savings:

  1. You could save more. But we know you’re already stretching your budget. 
  2. You can earn more money to save. We wish we could get you a raise!
  3. You could earn more on what you save. This is the solution we’re focused on.

As financial nerds, it always bothered us that savings accounts were designed to make banks money and offer low yields. Why couldn’t the same account that you need to have in case something goes wrong also grow at a good rate? Why not have a savings account that lets you lock up your money exactly until you need it?

Turns out, banks are good at taking deposits and giving out loans, but aren’t great at predicting when you’re going to need your money. But there are companies that are: insurance companies. And even better, many already offer retirement and savings accounts that are just as safe as bank deposits. These accounts are called annuities. 

We realized that this was the perfect vehicle to offer a better alternative for a savings account. By tying up money for anything other than emergencies, we’re able to squeeze out the best possible customized returns, with the added benefit of keeping you protected in event of a disaster.

That’s our mission: giving you a savings alternative with much better returns and a similar level of risk. We hope you enjoy making more money on your savings!

– The Wallace Team